Wanco Inverters

Wanco inverter generators are perfect for the RV or campsite or wherever you want all the conveniences of home. These generators produce a pure AC sine wave at a steady 60 cycles making them well suited for running all types of sensitive electronic equipment as well as microprocessorcontrolled appliances and tools. A high-efficiency engine produces low emissions. All generators meet EPA and CETL standards. A sophisticated smart throttle system varies the engine speed according to the load resulting in lower fuel consumption. The generators feature overload and low oil level shutdown protection.

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Voltmaster Inverter, VI2000P

Voltmaster Inverter, VI2000, digital inverter generator, 2000 watts

Voltmaster Inverter, VI2600P

Voltmaster Inverter, VI2600, digital inverter generator, 2600 watts

Voltmaster Inverter, VI3000P

Voltmaster Inverter, VI3000P, digital inverter generator, 3000 watts

Voltmaster Inverter, VI4300

Voltmaster Inverter, VI4300, digital inverter generator, 4300 watts

Voltmaster Inverter, VI6000

Voltmaster Inverter, VI6000, digital inverter generator, 6000 watts