Broilmaster Independence Charcoal Series Grills

The secrets to cooking with charcoal lie in how well you regulate the flow of air into the grill; and how well you control the heat and smoke as it surrounds your food. The INDEPENDENCE starts with a large grill head cast in ¼-inch thick aluminum, which heats quickly and evenly, and then helps you maintain a consistent cooking temperature – no matter the weather. This tall grill head, with its adjustable cooking grids, maximizes the available volume to give you the freedom to tackle any size meal – from burgers and brats to a 20-lb turkey with stuffing on the side.
Twin Air Intakes on the front panel and a rotary dual-function Top Vent adjust from wide open to fully closed – allowing precise control of temperature and smoke. The two front-loading doors let you add charcoal or wood chunks or redistribute hot coals via the upper door without removing a cooking grid. Ash falls into the pan which slides out through the lower door for easy disposal.
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