Flagro Heat Cannon Tent Heater Accessories

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Duct Adaptor for THCP-DA18

Flagro duct adaptor for the THCP-DA18 (included when purchasing the complete duct).

Duct Diffuser, THCP-DD12 (use with THC-85 & THC-175)

Heat Cannon duct diffuser for use with THC-85 & THC-175 tent heaters.

Duct Diffuser, THCP-DD18 (use with THC-355DF)

Flagro duct diffuser for use with THC-355DF tent heaters.

Duct- White 10' x 12", THCP-WD12 (for THC-85 & 175)

Flagro white duct 10' x 12".

Duct- White 12' x 18", THCP-WD18 (for THC-355DF)

Flagro white duct 12' x 18".

Heat Diffuser, THCP-HD175 (for THC-175)

Flagro heat diffuser for use with THC-175 tent heaters.