Plotter Blades for Vinyl Cutters

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Allen Datagraph Blades, 5pk

Allen Datagraph Plotter Blades/5pk Fits Allen Datagraph 936 / 800, CSR Ecom-2 Choose blade angle of 30, 45, or 60 degrees.

Anagraph Blades, 5pk

Anagraph plotter blades. Fits all Anagraph vinyl cutters except Excel produced in the mid 1980's.

GCC Blades, 5pk

GCC plotter blades. Fits Sign Pal, Vinyl Express Series, LINX

Gerber GSX Blades 42 Degree, 5pk

Gerber GSX plotter blades 42 Degree. Fits Gerber Edge, GSX and GSX Plus

Graphtec 09 Blades, 5pk

Graphtec 09 plotter blades. Fits all Graphtec model vinyl cutters. Also work with NovaCut Systems.

Graphtec15 Blades, 5pk

Graphtec15 plotter blades. Fits American CB15U Cutting PRO/FC-Series, Nova Cut.

Ioline Blades, 5pk

Ioline plotter blades. Fits all Ioline model vinyl cutters, Artpro, Techno-Arts, Switch, Studio 7/8, Classic, Super88 plotters, Smartrac Series

Ioline Cobra 60° Blades, 5pk

Ioline Cobra 60° plotter blades. Fits Studio 7/8, Super 88, Smartrac Series

Mimaki Blades, 5pk

Mimaki plotter blades. Fits all Mimaki vinyl cutters.

Mutoh SC Blades, 5pk

Mutoh SC plotter blades. Fits Mutoh SC series and Gerber Embos Track plotters.

Roland Blades, 5pk

Roland plotter blades. Fits ZECU-1001, All Roland CAMM1's, PNC 1050, Allen Datagraph 936/800 plotters

Summa D Blades, 5pk

Summa D plotter blades. Fits Summagraphic D Series plotters.

Summa T 35° Blades, 3pk

Summa T 35° plotter blades. Fits Summagraphic T Series plotters.

Turbo Cut Blades, 5pk

Turbo Cut plotter blades. Fits TC Series / Turbo Cut Tools

Zeta Blades, 5pk

Zeta plotter blades. Fits Zeta CP30 / CP3015

 Any plotter blades ordered between December 9 thru December 17 will be shipped on December 18th.


Plotter Blades for Vinyl Cutters, Carbide Blade

Vinyl Cutter Plotter Blades: Roland, Ioline, Graphtec, Gerber, Mimaki, Anagraph, Mutoh, Summa,

Allen Datagraph, GCC, Turbo Cut, Zeta, Ioline Cobra


These blades are made of Tungsten Carbide C2 under the specifications of the plotter's manufacturers. Each one of our blades passes through a strict Quality control before being packed in perfect conditions for its sale.

Tips for better blade performance:


  • Keep protected the blade inside the package while you don’t use it.
  • You must be careful handling of your blade; its hardness composition of Tungsten carbide makes it strong but very brittle.
  • As a very fragile tool, you must prevent any fall or blow.
  • Avoid touching the blade tip or edge with your fingers, since the perspiration of the hands can cause that the knife go rusty.
  • Before start cutting any material, make a cutting test and adjust the force in your plotter to avoid a broken blade tip.
  • Use the correct blade angle according the material that you want to cut.
  • It is recommendable to use a different blade to cut each kind of materials.
  • If the blade needs to be cleaned, you can use any low density lubricant to remove the rusting.
  • You should check and/or replace the Teflon cutting strip of your plotter every 6-12 months to prevent ruts on it. These possible ruts affect the good cutting of the blades.