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Gerber GSX Blades 42 Degree, 5pk

Gerber GSX plotter blades 42 Degree. Fits Gerber Edge, GSX and GSX Plus

Graphtec 09 Blades, 5pk

Graphtec 09 plotter blades. Fits all Graphtec model vinyl cutters. Also work with NovaCut Systems.

Graphtec15 Blades, 5pk

Graphtec15 plotter blades. Fits American CB15U Cutting PRO/FC-Series, Nova Cut.

Mutoh SC Blades, 5pk

Mutoh SC plotter blades. Fits Mutoh SC series and Gerber Embos Track plotters.

Roland Blades, 5pk

Roland plotter blades. Fits ZECU-1001, All Roland CAMM1's, PNC 1050, Allen Datagraph 936/800 plotters

Summa D Blades, 5pk

Summa D plotter blades. Fits Summagraphic D Series plotters.

Summa T 35° Blades, 3pk

Summa T 35° plotter blades. Fits Summagraphic T Series plotters.

Turbo Cut Blades, 5pk

Turbo Cut plotter blades. Fits TC Series / Turbo Cut Tools