Titan Telescoping Flagpoles

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TF15B - Titan 15' Bronze Telescoping Flag Pole

Titan 15' Bronze Telescoping Flagpole.

TF15S - Titan 15' Silver Telescoping Flag Pole

Titan 15' Silver Telescoping Flagpole.

TF20B - Titan 20' Bronze Telescoping Flag Pole

Titan 20' Bronze Telescoping Flagpole.

TF20S - Titan 20' Silver Telescoping Flag Pole

Titan 20' Silver Telescoping Flagpole.

TF25B - Titan 25' Bronze Telescoping Flag Pole

Titan 25' Bronze Telescoping Flagpole.

TF25S - Titan 25' Silver Telescoping Flag Pole

Titan 25' Silver Telescoping Flagpole.

Telescoping Flagpole -  Titan

  • Rope and Pulley Free....no tangles or knots!
  • Noise Free....No clanging ropes.
  • Interlocking Sleeves....Increase the bearing surface to reduce wobble between sections.
  • Maintenance Free....Anodized Finish means no painting, no rust.
  • Durable...High strength 6061 T6 anodized aluminum.

The Titan Flagpole is designed for home landscaping, tailgating, RVing and business use.  The patented, inter-locking sleeve system allows for quick and simple raising and lowering.  The hard anodized finish is maintenance free, with all stainless steel hardware to prevent rust.

Do you like to change your landscaping?  Do you have a winter and summer home?  The Titan Telescoping Flagpole is easy to move. All you need is an extra ground sleeve and you can relocate your flagpole with ease.  Easy 30 minute installation by concreting in a 24 inch ground sleeve.

The latest in flagpole technology makes this flagpole simple for homeowners and businesses to display their colors.  It offers the simplest most durable system you will find.  A major improvement is the quick and simple inter-locking sleeve system that makes flying your flag faster and easier than before.

The Titan flagpole uses high strength maintenance free 6061 T6 anodized aluminum.  We use a full 3" diameter and 0.080 at the base making our flagpole the strongest in the industry.  The larger diameter also gives the flagpole a sleeker more tapered appearance.  Our flagpoles have an architectural hard anodized finish.

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